Best laid plans… Or is it curb your enthusiasm?

You’ve spent ages with pen, paper, post it notes, white boards etc. and planned it all out but then when it comes to the implementation and the communication things stall… every day stuff gets in the way.

And if you look back over the years how often has this happened? I know I’ve done it and the enthusiasm of being in the moment dies… and you lose interest. And then ooh… there’s this thing and it could make such a difference and… and… but it falls into the same wash, spin, repeat cycle. Sound familiar?

And what have you told other people… you were bouncing with enthusiasm and then not a lot happens and oh, yes you’re enthused about something else… what message is that giving? What does it say about us and our ability to lead and follow through? Would we accept the same from others? If we’re honest the answer to that would be no, wouldn’t it? So why is it acceptable for us to do it?

Ideas are the currency of creativity, business development and growth but how do we manage them and keep them real?

  • In the initial creativity stages there shouldn’t be reality checks for no other reason than it stops flow and spontaneity and ideas becomes stifled. But at some point we need to agree we’re going to stop and assess, build those checks and the benefits analysis and benefits realisation. And then we truly know if it’s a go or not.
  • But ‘what is it about a new idea that’s makes us enthusiastic and connects us with the idea?’ Is it that it’s something different and actually you’re bored with the same old? Or is it something that you’ve always envisioned?
  • If it’s because you’re bored then let’s pause and take stock. What is it that you’re bored with? Is it because it’s the same old and now you’ve done it a number of times it feels tired or you’re tired? If that’s the case then there’s different work to do and I’d suggest it’s a great time to talk to your mentor. And there’s probably other telltale signs if you look so you would truly benefit from some support.
  • Whereas if it’s something you’ve always envisioned then let’s do it properly… spend time getting it all down without any censoring and then take the time to assess and review. It’s possible you might need to chunk it down to make it achievable or feasible but have a plan that you know you can follow, commit to it and be accountable and it will happen. It could be the turning point for you and the business and the first of some great new (ad)ventures.
  • Now let’s think back to the communication part… if there’s a track history of partially completed projects (even 90% completed they aren’t complete) or lots of bright ideas that haven’t manifested just moving on to the next new thing then how are you going to engage others? How can you demonstrate you’re committed and who are you accountable to? People will only follow our lead on this for a limited time before becoming sceptical so its up to us to truly walk the talk.
Wouldn’t it be great to lay the plans with uncurbed enthusiasm and see it right through to the end?