In the busyness of business it’s good to take a break…


…from the constant calls on your attention, the important and urgent, the daily melee we’re all too often immersed in… Sometimes, if we’re honest enough, some is of our own making for whatever reason, and other times we’re caught in the melee and maelstrom of others be they other people in the business, clients or even suppliers…

And when all that is going on, the constant busyness of business it’s a really good time to stop, be still and take stock. Even if its only for 20 minutes, the difference it makes to you and your day will be noticeable. When did you last give yourself the luxury of simply pausing for a short time?

It enables us to reconnect with ourselves, with the business, and with our why. Just letting our mind quieten gives space for new things to come in, for things that have been bubbling under the surface to get some ‘air time’. And gives space for things that are heartfelt and not just head thought…

So what happens when you just stop?

  • Everything still carries on but you’re one step removed from it… and that can help give clarity
  • Having far less on your mind, even for a short time, moves you into the flow zone where thoughts, solutions and ideas aren’t forced but flow freely (like those aha moments in the car or the shower)
  • Where you’re stuck things will shift – simply letting go of things, not having an attachment to an outcome and trusting that what you’re doing is the best you can do with the resources you have available to you creates a tangible shift
  • Your thinking moves from just logical left brain, to more creative right brain and you reconnect with the powerhouse of you i.e. you gut instinct
  • You unlock the answers, all the answers you need are inside of you (even if that’s where to go for more information or help)
So go on… have a break… you might even treat yourself to have a kit kat…

And why not take a break on 25th February at 11.00 and listen to my next webinar where I’ll be sharing tips on keeping the heart of your business healthy?