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Referrals, testimonials, endorsements – are they meaningful or of value?

The answer to that is yes and no because it wholly depends what is being said, how it’s being said and who’s saying it. We all know referrals are a great way to get new customers/clients and it can be an inexpensive way too compared to other methods. But it will only be of benefit […]

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Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs to be Spiritually Intelligent

Within each and every one of us is a valuable resource, a font of wisdom and an intelligence that goes beyond all that we have learned in our education and further training. This vast well of knowledge, that can easily be accessed, is our inner Intelligence or Spiritual Intelligence. As business owners and leaders, integrating […]

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Will you stand with me and stop playing small?

Yes, that’s you over there and you too… Are you ready to stop playing small? What’s that you don’t think you are? Really, can you really say that you can’t play bigger? Over the last 10 days or so I’ve come to realise that I’ve been playing small; I’ve got enough testimonials from people yet […]

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How To Thrive In Business Through Spiritual Intelligence

Thriving in business starts with your personal definition of thriving. For some, it is purely monetary gain, financial wealth and being perceived as a success in the world. For others, it includes definitions such as expressing the truth of who they are through their work and all that they pursue; balancing time spent “doing” their […]

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What’s your strategy for strategies? Does copying someone else’s strategy really work?

All too often business strategies aren’t based on solid evidence, research, or something that really fits with that particular business. Neither is it uncommon for businesses, especially small businesses, to have no real strategy or to have outgrown their strategy. I’m sure you’ve experienced this with businesses especially during the recent recession. Business strategies can […]

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Why do managers feel they need to work on holiday and is that contributing to the all time high UK absence costs?

In the last two days I’ve read two articles that were not cross-referenced but one may very well be contributing to the cause and effect of the other. The first article reported on research from PwC which states that sick days are costing employers £29billion a year. And that UK workers take up to four […]

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Thriving Or Surviving – What Makes The Difference And What Role Do Leaders Play?

In past blogs I’ve written about companies that are operating in what’s termed as ‘zombie’ mode where the business is simply going through the motions and just about making enough to pay the bills. And we’ve spoken about businesses that have battened down the hatches so much that in essence the owners and management team […]

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The Authenticity In Business Evolution

When I wrote about customer service and the difference between the treatment from large corporates vs small businesses the other week, some saw it as a call to arms and the start of a revolution …   Many commented that treatment received from call centres has indeed impacted on their businesses. Some had even written […]

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The Bigger They Are The Worse It Gets

Twice in the last few days, at informal networking events, the customer service from large businesses compared to SMEs has been discussed and this then moved onto the attitude and perception of the large businesses compared to that of the small business … I have two historical clients who I support for their payroll compliance […]

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Which Strategy Works Best…

Last week’s blog on the criteria we use for promoting people generated dialogue on how people will promote for fear of losing a ‘key’ employee, only to pay the consequences later for a variety of reasons. And how sometimes that fear can be because of the wealth of knowledge and experience that a person has […]

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