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Creating your personal quotient…. Part two – ‘what’s your meaning quotient?

In the previous blog I discussed Personal Effectiveness Quotient ™ a bit of SKAI thinking – skills, knowledge, ability and implementation, in this blog I’m diversifying a little and looking at the Meaning Quotient (MQ) devised by McKinsey. In some businesses and even among business owners for themselves there are can be a difficulty in […]

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Creating your personal quotient…. Part one – skills, knowledge, ability, implementation (SKAI)

I touched on this briefly, if a little clumsily in one of the business tips, I say a little clumsily as if generated a number of opt outs so either I didn’t address the subject very well or I pressed some buttons… so here goes… Over the years we’ve all gained considerable knowledge, both in […]

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What’s other people’s perception of your brand?

We all have perception about other brands, whether its high street names, corporates, local businesses, banks, energy suppliers… some will be because we’ve been or aspire to be a customer and other perceptions will have been influenced by the media plus other people’s experiences. But what about our perception of our own brand and what’s […]

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How playing Battleships can really grow your business…

… Yes, I do mean that game we used to play as children… so simple yet so clever… and its made quite literally £ms for businesses over the years and here’s how… Many businesses have CRM systems which have all sorts of reporting capabilities and conversely many businesses don’t have CRM systems or have very […]

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Winning sales proposals… how to make them stunning…

…you’ve done the hard work… or at least you think you have… but what else creates the success? In the previous blog on how to write wining sales proposals we touched on a few points about the layout… such as makes sure that certain sections were numbered and cross referenced, include the client’s logo with […]

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How to write a winning proposal

And that’s not a marriage proposal… well not in the strictest sense of the word but could be the start of a very rewarding relationship for you and the client… I know from experience that writing proposals for prospective clients can take a lot of investment, even if you have a system and template in […]

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How to overcome price objections

Whether selling a product or service, multiple products or multiple services from time to time we’re likely to come across objections from the client or prospective client about the price. Objections to price are interesting because they can point to the perception and thinking of the other party. And of course constant testing of price […]

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The entrepreneurs of tomorrow…

…my first observation of this week was that school is so different from when I attended it… and my second was that in a group of 20 year 9 students there were some real shining stars, some who would only engage in their way in their time and a couple who were so far out […]

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… the question is… are you actively doing it….

… actively listening that is…. Because it really does make a difference to the conversation and the outcome… You know that glazed look in someone’s eyes when you are talking to them and it’s really important that they not only listen to what you’re saying but really hear it and understand what you’re saying… I […]

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Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… even if that ‘old dog’ is you…

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to speak at many conferences and events where I’ve been given guidelines re the subject to be discussed and also run other people’s training courses where I’ve delivered their material. So when I decided to run my own training event in business development it felt really big shoes […]

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