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Resistance is Created Through Lack of Clarity – So Where Do You Feel Resistance And What Is It Telling You?

Its not usual to use a quote as a title but this one again from my friend and mentor Peter Thomson came to mind this morning as I was reflecting on some recent work with a client who seems to be procrastinating and changing their mind half way through a decision on a regular basis. […]

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Most Wanted Action or Most Wasted Opportunity? Do You Waste Opportunities in Your Communication?

Recently in a meeting with HMRC I found myself asking ‘what’s your most wanted call to action from this letter?’ That wasn’t the purpose of the meeting but old habits and all that… And perhaps not unsurprisingly the response from the senior managers didn’t actually align with the operation team. In reading the letter I […]

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Diversity – how diverse is your business? And what benefits might you gain?

When I travel in and around London the different accents and languages I hear always amaze me. OK, so on the tube quite a lot of people are tourists and so you’d expect the tower of babel but not everyone is a tourist. And that got me to thinking about how businesses benefit from the […]

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How are we really supporting the children of today?

For parents and children alike the end of the school term is fraught with angst in many households and why, because it’s the time of the annual school report. School reports are very different these days to the ones we had where the subject teachers wrote just a few lines with an overall comment from […]

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Why do managers feel they need to work on holiday and is that contributing to the all time high UK absence costs?

In the last two days I’ve read two articles that were not cross-referenced but one may very well be contributing to the cause and effect of the other. The first article reported on research from PwC which states that sick days are costing employers £29billion a year. And that UK workers take up to four […]

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Lights, camera, action… Why do some people take action and others struggle with just treading water?

Like many of you I am a great believer in personal and business development and believe that learning is life long, attending a number of events as well as reading a range of books on the subjects. And looking around at the events I wonder how many people will take action? Especially when it’s a […]

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Ethical banking? What might this look like?

So this week the new Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney starts; I wonder what he really thinks of the world economy and more especially the UK economy and if he’s had second thoughts over the last couple of weeks? Earlier today I noted on the BBC news website that one of his […]

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