Communication is the key

Sitting with clients and listening to what’s happening in their business and their lives so much comes down to communication. It’s the key to everything and its also key to how I work with them as what I’m doing is communicating when advising, mentoring, asking questions and so on.

As individuals we’ve been communicating since our first breath but the thing is not all communication is innate and not all communication is good.

And in business its really important that we understand how to communicate with the people we work with, our clients including the people on their teams, our suppliers, our potential clients and out potential suppliers and those people who’re in our business community and aren’t any of the above.

So what makes a good communicator in your opinion?

  • We often hear people say ‘it’s not what they said but how they said it’ especially when it’s talking about a conversation that wasn’t entirely positive. So what is it that they didn’t like? What would they want the other person to have done differently?
  • If you find yourself having the same conversation, to explain something, time and time again is it you or them? Is it your style? The way that you communicate? Or something else? Often we assume its them but is it really us or at least in part us?
  • Email is one of the tools the most used tools in business but how we write them and our intention can be very different to the how its received. Don’t treat email as a ‘quick and dirty’ way of communicating, think before you write, think about the words with their eyes and ears.
  • But why do we so often use email as the fall back position? How many times does one email become a chain of emails? Why not just pick up the phone or walk across the office and have a person to person conversation?
  • And finally think about the times you’ve been on the receiving end of really bad communication. How did it make you feel? What was the impact? How did you feel about that person the next time? Spend some time thinking about this and we’ll pick up from here in our next conversation.