Is fear paralysing you in business or is it taking you forward… feel the fear and use it…

How many times have you heard someone say ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and thought yeah, right … its one of those sayings that most of the time we pay scant attention to but every now and again it sticks… we think so what would happen if I did do …. But more to the point what will happen if you don’t? Things carry on as they are? Everything going to plan? Situation normal? But what about ‘situation different’? What about the plan? Is it really happening? Or is it happening so slowly that people, potentially including you, are losing interest and forgetting why you’re doing it as the results to date are nominal?

I’ve seen people paralysed by fear…. Going way beyond the rabbit in the proverbial headlights both in business and personal life. And to be honest I’ve been there a couple of times too. The fear is visceral and you just don’t know how to move yet alone how to move forward…


When we get to that point or start feeling more than a little fear we don’t always make our best decisions as we’re filtering everything through the fear and looking more at the ‘have not’ and the ‘going wrong’. But by changing the direction of our thinking by just one degree or changing those filters so that we think “OK, it could go wrong. There are so many scenarios I can’t mitigate the risk for all of them, so what one step can I take?” And be open to the first thing that comes into your mind… that’s going to be the thing because its not been thought through filters.

Of course you can analyse that one thing and manage the risk if you need to but take the step, do that one thing… doing that one thing means that something will happen, and so something will change. You, and other people will see results and then do the next thing and the next thing. Chunking down into smaller tasks that will deliver a tangible result means everyone can see and experience the progress and the difference that’s being made. It doesn’t mean that each step is cast in stone, it can still be tweaked, but its progress… your moving out of your comfort zone which in reality is anything but… it might feel safe but our comfort zones don’t really serve us well.

It’s moving beyond the comfort zone where things happen, where the magic happens.

The real magic, the real difference, happens when we are in flow; you and I both know that feeling where ideas and actions are effortless. That doesn’t mean they don’t take time to do and that it’s always easy but we don’t feel that its real effort to do something…. It’s a very different feeling to doing something that takes effort…. And I have no doubt that the outcome and ‘output’ is different when its effortless to when it takes effort.

One of my great mentors says ‘if we find our selves in the so called comfort zone it should actually be called the rut zone or the discomfort zone and we should be focused on getting out of it .‘

We can turn being scared of what we’re about to do to our advantage starting with the ‘what ifs’ in relation to ‘ if I don’t do that what’s going to change?’ And yes, doing something different doesn’t always work the first time or indeed every time. But not doing something different, for most of us, isn’t an option. So embrace the fear… after all its adrenalin starting to kick in… and use it to take action… not fight or flight… not standing still until the very last minute and veering out of the headlights… but one step at a time… towards the business goal… you’ll probably surprise yourself… and it will be worth it!

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