Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs to be Spiritually Intelligent

Within each and every one of us is a valuable resource, a font of wisdom and an intelligence that goes beyond all that we have learned in our education and further training. This vast well of knowledge, that can easily be accessed, is our inner Intelligence or Spiritual Intelligence.

As business owners and leaders, integrating the wisdom that we receive from our Spiritual Intelligence is an essential tool in our leadership or managerial tool kit. The more we consult this source of inspiration and Higher understanding for every decision that we have to take, the more our Spiritual Intelligence develops and grows.

To be Spiritually Intelligent requires one thing: that at any given moment you are willing to shift your awareness out of your thinking mind and into a place of quietness within. You may do this by giving yourself five minutes out to focus on the breath; you may spend just two minutes paying attention to the sounds around you, just listening to them with no subjective thought about them, or you may choose to allow 20 – 30 minutes every day focusing your mind through some form of meditation practice. Even just periods of contemplative thought throughout your week, ideally spent outside in nature, can allow you access to this vast resource within that is your Spiritual Intelligence.


Here are five reasons why business owners need to be Spiritually Intelligent:

1. Our Spiritual Intelligence knows far more than our rational thinking and logic can possibly know.

While we may have much experience and knowledge around our chosen business area, even that can be a little partial to allow us to make truly informed decisions. Also, our predictive powers are far too limited for us to know what is around the corner, or what unexpected turn of events may affect our decisions going forward. Lastly, we invariably bring our biases, our personal perceptions and our mental filters into every decision we make and these mental attitudes do affect how we look at the facts.

In contrast, our Spiritual Intelligence can see all the facts and the bigger picture in every situation we are in, as well as the bigger vision for our business and our lives. It can see how our actions, and the actions of others, fit intricately together into that larger vision. In addition, our Spiritual Intelligence holds that larger vision for our business at any given time. It knows where we are going individually and collectively and how we can most easily get to that destination.

2. Our Spiritual Intelligence knows the solution to every seeming problem, a solution that is a win-win for all concerned.

When a problem arises, we think we have to work out how to resolve it logically. Actually, with every issue and problem, the more we are able to get our thinking mind to let go of the issue, and from there place it into the hands of our Higher Intelligence, the more easily a perfect solution can appear. This solution may be part of our learning and growth, and yet, we can rest assured that our Spiritual Intelligence always has what is ultimately our best interest at heart.

This approach is in contrast to the actions of many who deal with problems with much thought, logical analysis and then taking massive action. And while there are times when this is clearly the only way forward, another way is to allow our Spiritual intelligence to guide our thinking and actions to bring the issue to an ideal resolution. This ideal resolution may take longer to reach, but when it is reached all parties feel that they have valued, heard and come away with a “win”.

3. Our Spiritual Intelligence can give us a whole host of creative business ideas.

These may be ideas about how to enhance and develop our products and services, how best to market and sell our offerings and how we can organise our business for optimal growth and increased profits. We can also receive creative and inspired ideas on new business products or services, ideas that may move us into new situation, different markets or reach a bigger sector within our current market. All of this is practical, down to earth guidance that is a genuine help to any business leader or owner.

Every business has to keep innovating and embracing change to stay on the upward spiral of success. At the time of our peak sales we need, as business owners, to be looking ahead to receive creative ideas that will take us into our next area of growth. When we listen to our Spiritual Intelligence, it can guide us to what is next for us and our business, as well as how best to develop that new vision. Once we have these new inspired ideas it is then for us to commit to them and take action, following our step by step guidance, to bring them to reality.

4. Our Spiritual Intelligence can guide us to enhancing our business relationships.

As we become more connected to our Spiritual Intelligence, we naturally and gradually change our values. We become less “me” focused and more aware of others and how our behaviours and the output of our business affect those around us. We become, too, more understanding of others, willing to listen to their concerns and work with them to make them feel heard and valued within the organisation. These softer skills, so often overlooked within a business, pay huge dividends for retaining employees and generating a flourishing work environment.

With greater Spiritual Intelligence, we demonstrate a respect for everyone within the business, acknowledging their contribution and allowing them the freedom to develop and expand their role where possible, within the business structure. We are able to do this because we feel secure within ourselves, regardless of our personal circumstances, and therefore are able to give others the flexibility to grow, even perhaps, away from the business.

We are willing to see the best in others, despite their apparent weaknesses, and coach and empower them to grow and bring out their best. This does not mean than we don’t draw attention to mistakes, wrong doings or bad behaviour, or fire people if we need to – we do, and we do it from a place of calm, centred thought, word and deed, with a respect for the inherent worth of the person.

5. Our Spiritual Intelligence guides us to have positive intentions behind our actions.

These intentions draw together business success, as well as a genuine desire to make a significant difference to the lives of others.

If our intentions are to add value, to support others in their growth and success and to serve the greater good, then we are putting a very positive energy into our business that will reap its own rewards. For as we recognise that the way to generate success is actually to help others be successful, whether it be our employees, our suppliers, our competitors or, through our service, the world at large, we are literally putting seeds in our unconscious mind that will attract success to us.

However, this is where we need to find a place of balance. We must come to our business with an energy that generates and sustains inspiration, passion, motivation, collaboration and co-operation. If we are tired from our work and acts of kindness given to others, or worn out through the stresses and burdens placed upon us, we are not able to benefit ourselves or our business. Our Spiritual Intelligence will guide us to take time out, to replenish, and to nourish ourselves so that we retain balance in our lives. This means that as we focus on the needs of our clientele and those around us, we do it from a place of honouring our own needs first. In short, we come to our business “full” internally and from there, we are well placed to spread our good energies out to others and to the world.

As business leaders and owners, we all need to be Spiritually Intelligent. We need to merge our learned knowledge and experience, all of which is of tremendous value, with the quiet whispers, the gut feelings and the inner intuitive hunches and visionary ideas that tell us we are on the right path.

When we do this, we see that we can combine both the hard work necessary to get our business products or services out into the world from an inner foundation of connection, awareness and access to a vast Intelligence.

Sarah Alexander runs 8 week transformational programmes for business owners and leader worldwide and uses Spiritual Intelligence to help them to make the most of their life’s work and fulfil their potential. She is the author of ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success’ and ‘Spiritual intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life.’

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