Five tips to get good testimonials that are meaningful to potential clients


Whether we are in business on our own account, or working in someone else’s business, having testimonials from other people talking about what it’s like working with you and the value you added to them and their business is key. We know that people buy people, its not B2C or B2B but P2P and so a testimonial from a client adds weight; several testimonials from different clients even more so, not just because it increases credibility but different people will associate with different clients.

Here’s five tips for getting good meaningful testimonials:

  • Provide the person with bullet points of the things to be included. It makes it far easier for them to write and covers the salient points whilst being in their voice.
  • Keep the testimonial brief, it’s not a case study, and frankly most people won’t read beyond the first paragraph so make sure all the main points are included there with a little more detail in the second paragraph if appropriate.
  • It should be specific to that client’s situation; reflect the pain they were experiencing and the impact, concerns they may have had and how these were addressed, the benefits they’ve received and what that means for them and the business i.e. value received, results achieved, difference made etc.
  • Think about what it is that you’ve read in other people’s testimonials that’s resonated with you and made you think that this could be a person you can work with? Remember people are always coming from ‘what’s in it for me’ will people get that from your testimonials?
  • Use video testimonials they are far more powerful. LinkedIn testimonials can also be used for other media just check in with the person that its ok to use it, isn’t it…
Asking for a testimonial is a great way to catch up with a client, remember ‘pick up the phone’…