How was it for you? Five tips to start the next year with a bang…


Many of you will be finishing work today and taking a well earned break with family and friends, others will be working flat out until Christmas Eve and others may, because of the type of business, be working on the two bank holidays. Whether you’re working over the next two weeks or not there’s something tangible about winding up to wind down, that end of term feeling. So take a few minutes to sit down and reflect on the last year, quarter or even month?

How was it for you? How was it for your clients? How was it for the people in the business and your suppliers?

  • What is the one thing that made a difference this year?
  • What can you do to replicate that and keep repeating it next year?
  • What was there too much of that didn’t really add value? What can you do differently, who could do that work instead, or is it unnecessary and could be stopped? Don’t just think about it, take the action.
  • What time have you already scheduled next year, or in the next two weeks for blue sky thinking, strategy development, regular feedback and planning? If you haven’t done so then make a note to do it and schedule the time to do so or even better do it now. And its time that shouldn’t be given away to other things.
  • And finally – what’s still on your do list that’s been there for ages? If its truly of value now then make a commitment to do it and schedule the time, or delegate to someone else who would be pleased to do it or ditch it… Just get it sorted…
Happy Christmas and happy reflecting and planning…