Focus… focused… focusing…


Do you ever have those weeks where what you had intended to do just doesn’t seem to get done?

I had one of those weeks this week… the things in my diary happened, some great conversations took place and I did a lot of thinking about the business but it felt as if little had been achieved. I wasn’t completely focused and things were suddenly taking hours and not an hour. Yes, certain things needed my attention. But I let those things take my focus away from the business and allowed them to be a distraction. Does that every happen to you?

And what’s the overall impact of that? Beating myself up? Worrying about what’s not happened? Getting even more distracted by the act of distraction? No… what’s the point? It did however, remind me that of the importance of the planning each day, using the double priority action list and the benefit of having someone to be accountable to… after all that’s what I do for clients and like anyone else its useful to have someone who fulfils that role for me from time to time.

So here’s a few tips for keeping focus…

  • Spend just a few minutes jotting down the things you’ve done that weren’t on your double priority action list and how much time you spent on the task. Be honest whether they were things that really needed to be done then and whether they needed to be done by you. This will give you more visibility on what’s happened, why and what action you’ll take in the future.
  • When things pop up or you’re asked to do something or you feel you need to do something consider each one alongside the next two actions on your action list. Prioritise in the way that you would on anything on the list.
  • Remember the ‘no’ word… you don’t have to do everything that’s asked of you or do it right now… even if it’s a client that’s asked you to do something – unless you have an agreement that’s how you’ll work.
  • Don’t forget to recongnise the worth of things you’ve done that weren’t on your action list. They may not always be distractions.
  • Team up with someone to be an accountability buddy once a week. Tell each other what you’re going to achieve in the next hour, work on the tasks, feedback to each other and repeat. You’ll be surprised how much you get done in the focused time.
And like any other habit, if you’ve stopped doing something just start doing it again…