Following up and following through…


…it’s what you do next that makes the real difference…

Sadly most people think that when the sale has been made that’s it, over to the people delivering. Wrong, keeping regular contact with the client will make it an even better customer experience for them and a much more loyal customer.

So why do people prevaricate about picking up the phone? Because they start over thinking things… what if they have cold feet, what if there’s more information they need, supposing they want to delay or cancel…? But what if the client is really excited, what if they want to increase their order or buy additional products and services, what if they have other people they think you should talk to? What if they are feeling a little unsure as there have been a few internal comments and a call from you can reassure them and help them prepare etc.

Here’s some follow up ideas…

  • Send a letter or a card thanking them for their custom as soon as the order has been made, people get little direct mail these days and so it makes more of an impact. It demonstrates you’re living up to your own promises.
  • Keep regular contact all the way through the pre delivery stage: even if someone else is responsible for the delivery… keep them up to date. Returning all of their calls and emails promptly.
  • Follow up on delivery; send a letter with the delivery or to arrive on the day. Use the letter to thank the client for the order, tell them how to get the best from the product or service, reiterate the pain and the benefits, assure them that you’re available at all times to answer any questions – even if someone else will provide the information be the go-between.
  • Check back on a regular basis to solve any issues not already raised and use these calls to explore how else you might help the client. And make sure the client is using the goods and services to their best advantage… partial implementation for instance will only deliver partial benefits so reducing the ROI.
  • Use the magic matrix or your CRM to plan your multiple contact strategy with the client. And of course don’t forget to ask for a testimonial and referrals.
Maintaining contact with a client and being there if there are any issues with the goods or services means that minor problems are not left unresolved with the potential to escalate to losing that client.