If what gets measured get’s done then time to measure your key quotients…

The recent blogs have been looking at Persona Effectiveness Quotients™ and Meaning Quotients for individuals and I want to take this a little further and look at the Key Quotients for the business, the ones that will unlock additional profit and potential in the business.


Whilst we spoke about the fact that comparing PEQs™ is not straightforward because each person has their own personal yardstick they will have used to measure themselves there is a lot of merit in bringing together teams and looking at the Business Effectiveness Quotient taking the PEQ™ up a level and looking at the overall level of skills for the various functions and comparing those to the business goals and the bottom line. There will be a correlation and quite quickly it will show up the gaps where there is infrequent use of knowledge and or skills or if upskilling is needed and conversely the things that are being used frequently and well that can be further ‘exploited’.

The same goes for the Meaning Quotients – its really useful to understand the MQ for each person in the business, it will in some cases be as expected and others eye opening… but again it gives something to work with and on. And taking the MQ up a level and starting to look at the impact the whole business is having which includes the ‘why’ is a great way of bringing people and teams together event more.

And in combining the two quotients at a business level you have the Key Quotient, which can be used for business development, business planning and refocusing people on key activities. Its something that should be measured on a regular basis and considered alongside the bottom line, the new contracts, the new business steams and delivery against goals.

So measure them, take the action and measure again…