Have you fallen into the trap…?

intergrated sharing

The trap of fragmented planning… The trap of fragmented strategy… The trap of fragmented support… Listening to a group of 30 plus business owners today and then talking to a business partner it occurred to me that many of us are missing a trick.

We have a business plan that we share with our team and then our accountant and business advisors. But we’ll do that in separate sessions; it’s rare that our accountant and business advisors will be in the same meeting. And when I say business advisors I mean everyone from outsourced marketing and sales support to business consultants/coaches.

And the same goes for the strategy that will underpin the business plan. So effectively we fall into the trap of fragmented business support and mostly our accountant and our business advisors and us accept that as a normal way of doing business.

  • Few business advisors are accounting professionals and few accounting professionals are able to provide a true one-stop shop for business advice. Hence, we have more than one form of support and at different times. Does that support us as well as it could or even should?
  • If we were to use the same session to talk to our accountant and business advisors then they could truly understand the big picture, our plans for playing big and the strategy that supports us.
  • With that big picture understanding, or perhaps better called full picture understanding, then everyone is hearing the same information at the same time, they can ask questions, and test our business plans and the underpinning strategy. After all that’s what you’d expect them to do in any one to one sessions isn’t it?
  • What’s more each will understand better how the others are supporting our business and it’s highly likely that it will improve and increase the overall support. Not only that, they may be able to help us bring some things forward – wouldn’t that be a bonus?
  • And if there’s an overall benefit to the business then its worth the investment in time and cost isn’t it… and in fact it will cut down time (fewer meetings) and the cost will be the same won’t it…

So the only question really is … will it be this week or next when you PTP and book the first session? Let CSP…