Not jumping to the conclusion but a smooth segue…


When having a ‘sales’ conversation with clients/prospective clients we’ll need to close… ask for the business… the various stages of the conversation, opening, gathering, presenting and adjusting were leading up to this point. A because we practiced the process and its sytemised there won’t be any awkwardness moving to this stage.

Its not about hard sales, manipulation, unethical tactics…. Its about an authentic and consultative sales conversation with integrity – a win-win for everyone. So it’s imperative that we believe in the offer that we’re making to the client – the services, the products and the after sales services and support. And we have to absolutely believe the benefits of the product or services for that client. If we don’t why would they?

There’s various types of closes to a sales conversation and each has its own merits depending on the client, the offer, and the preceding conversations. Closing the sale can happen at anytime in the conversation – don’t be that person who just gives more and information about the features and benefits if you feel that the client is ready to move forward.

Here’s a few ideas about different closes:

  • Close after you’ve addressed any objections ‘so now that we’ve cleared that up can I take it that we’re going ahead?’
  • If you have to call a client after you’ve submitted a proposal reiterate the benefits for them reflecting the issues they have that the product or service will solve before asking for the sale.
  • Offer an alternative where you’re sure one will be of interest and the other will be something they will be very interested in e.g. would you like to pay over x months or pay in advance?
  • Write down on a piece of paper the pluses and minuses and very quickly the client can see that the pluses outweigh the minuses – including the costs of not buying.
  • Gently ask ‘either this is a good idea and we should go ahead or it’s a bad idea and we should forget it, what would you like to do?’
Or of course you could defy all convention and simply ask the direct question? When do you want to start the project, delivery of the goods, shall I take that as a yes?