Keep Doing The Same Thing And Get The Same Results

This week I’ve been reminded of this time and time again. A new client called today, they have had issues with recruitment and all they have done is make minor changes to the job description but not changed the way they recruit, the questions they ask to really understand the person and the competencies …

even a subtle change can send ripples through everything you do

even a subtle change can send ripples through everything you do

And so in a 10 minute call I was able to point them in a different direction for recruitment of a specialist and key role which gives them a much greater opportunity of finding the right person for them and to be the right employer for that person. The first subtle change they made was to ask someone who has specialist knowledge in that area and the second was a different approach to how they recruit.

This is just one example of the reminders I’ve had this week. Some clients that I was working with yesterday have said time and time again that “we need to do something different” but it was only yesterday that I could feel a subtle change in their thinking had taken place since the last workshop and now there was more openness to how they can make the time for the changes to be put into place. Of course this is something that requires buy-in from the top down – and the bottom up – but there was a clear change in their thinking about change itself.

It seems to be something that’s coded into us in some way and we just do it in so many areas on our life. Yet we know that if we keep doing the same things – repeating the same patterns of behaviour – then it’s unlikely that we’ll get anything but the same result. Sometimes there seems to be a deep seated expectation that it’s ok for us to keep doing the same thing because eventually the other person/people – be they peers, colleagues, employees, clients and customers, family and friends – will do something different. But guess what? They keep doing the same thing too!

But the thing is, doing something different doesn’t have to be the opposite of what we are doing now. It doesn’t have to be radical – simply a subtle change in direction, a change in how we react, a change in understanding that it’s not the things we are thinking about but the fluidity and free-flow of our thinking. Just a subtle change in direction of one degree at the centre – you – is a very small change but moving out into your world and the people you interact with, well then it becomes a bigger change.

And you know what, once one subtle change has been made, you will intuitively make more subtle changes; firstly in response to changes you already notice in what you do and say but also because the interaction with others will subtly change too.

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on being what you’ve always been. Nothing changes unless you make it change. I know what it sounds like but every morning that I wake up I think about what that really means”

From the film The Samaritan starring Samuel L Johnson

I often see subtle changes like a small pebble in a large pond – the ripple effect in the water is small but it still reaches a long way and that’s how the small but distinctive changes that we make impact. The biggest change being within ourselves and then permeating out.

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