Lights, camera, action… Why do some people take action and others struggle with just treading water?

Like many of you I am a great believer in personal and business development and believe that learning is life long, attending a number of events as well as reading a range of books on the subjects.

And looking around at the events I wonder how many people will take action? Especially when it’s a business development focused event. The events where there are opportunities to do some work on your own business do indeed seem to have a greater impact but even then what keeps the enthusiasm going afterwards?

Lights, camera, action

Some people are course junkies; no doubt you know a few of those people. Others are clearly waiting to hear or should that continually searching for that nugget of information that will transform them and their business. And that’s the thing they seem to think that there’s nothing they really need to do, once heard the actions that follow simply happen of their own accord. They don’t follow up on any of the actions they noted at the event and neither do they use the tools and knowledge they have learnt in their daily business activities or their daily lives.

Now I’m not suggesting that everything they will have heard will be right for them or even that they agree with everything they’ve heard. Sometimes in business that’s because people just can’t see how it translates into their business and seem to have a check list that is used to filter out whether something will work for them in the first 20 seconds. However, there are some things that they simply won’t agree with.

For others, and I’m sure that you’ve experienced this at times, its because you just don’t feel that the person really believes everything they are talking to you about and its clear they aren’t really walking their talk in their own business i.e. not being truly authentic. And so since you haven’t made a connection with that person you are far less likely to implement anything that you’ve heard or learnt.

Some courses give so much information that the participants are overwhelmed with information and don’t have time to really understand or assimilate the information. Personally I think that sometimes this is part of an upsell strategy of ‘they can see how much great stuff I’ve got and will not really know how to do this and so will want to join my programme’. But, in my personal opinion, the value to the attendees is greatly diminished and it also impacts on the perception of the person delivering the training. Too much information makes it very difficult to really understand the information given and then clearly see how it can be applied to our own business.

Overwhelm can also manifest in procrastination ‘so much to do I don’t know where to start so its easier to go and do something else where I do know where to start’. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that sometimes and I don’t just mean in relation to implementing tools and strategies that have been learnt. My ponderings on the art of procrastination can be found here

Other times people are underwhelmed by the material, the way the material is delivered or the person delivering the course. They can’t see the real benefit of the tools and information at all and again the WIIFM i.e. how can I make this work in my business is missing. The underwhelm will most certainly be in respect of the person delivering the material as well and so even if there were some small golden nuggets nothing will get implemented.

Is the underwhelm a fault of the person delivering the material or you? Well certainly its rare that everything will be a 100% fit for 100% of the audience. But where there is a clear disconnect between the material and the person then there maybe something more fundamental about that person’s true knowledge, belief in what they are delivering or their authenticity. You’ll know which it is if you stop and think.

The question is does that really stop you taking action? I would suggest that there is very little that cannot translate into your own business and once you recognise that the delivery or the connection/rapport were less than perfect you can put that to one side and then consider where and how something can be implemented for your business.

Those who are underwhelmed or overwhelmed are often those who are treading water in business and very often in their personal lives as well. Its entirely possible, if they were honest, and really looked hard at their business and the people in the business that the business as whole is not only treading water but the water has become so stagnant its barely supporting life.

However, the more likely thing is that you don’t want it enough. The why for you just isn’t there or isn’t strong enough.

And looking back on the courses that I’ve attended, the information I’ve learnt and the wealth of tools I’ve been shown I know that my inaction and inertia has been because I just didn’t want it enough. What the tools and information could do for my business, in that moment, wasn’t something that I had a white heat desire for and so played at it…

Yes, some things just didn’t resonate for me and as we discussed its rare that 100% will resonate for all of us. But I wasn’t hungry enough, didn’t have that white heat of desire – my ‘why’. And now I’m clear on that ‘why’ and the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ my rate of activity has risen a thousand fold.

So what is it that you really don’t want enough? How many times have you too been disconnected from that white heat of desire for taking your business forward growing the business?

If not now, when?

Are you ready for the lights, camera and action or are you content with treading water in a potentially stagnating pond?

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