The magic behind business development!


This week’s business tips come from Sharon Corrigan B2B Marketing Public Relations Consultant who was our guest bIogger. How often when we meet someone for the first time are they so plugged into that radio station WIIFM (what’s in it for me) that they aren’t really taking any interest in who you are, what you are interested in, or starting to build a relationship with you unless its going to be beneficial to them?

Sharon says “I’m a firm believer that if you put your mind to anything you can do it including generating good quality leads by putting the business person you are talking to first – and not your objective of telling them your pitch and securing business. By putting yourself first you will not only annoy people but you are guaranteed that they will forget you – and fast!

Here are some tips from Sharon that will help you in developing your business:

  1. Preparation – you would never go to a business meeting unprepared – so why do people do it at a trade show or networking event?  When you approach a stand or person, you won’t know their role in the business and so need to be prepared.  Before going to an event, check out target businesses and develop your hook. Be prepared to answer – what value can you bring to their business?
  2. Listen – the majority of business executives are passionate about their businesses and love to talk. So let them by asking the right questions. By creating an informative business discussion about their industry, they’ll know you’re a person with knowledge and experience and may be intrigued about what you do.
  3. Don’t just give your rehearsed your speech/pitch – one of the biggest mistakes people make is giving an obviously rehearsed pitch about their business. First ascertain the needs and pain points of the person you’re talking with and then tailor your services and what you say to match.
  4. If your business doesn’t fit their needs don’t lose faith – as long as you have made a good impression by listening to their needs, then potentially this is a business contact you could have for life. So treasure it by following up…
  5. Follow up – one of the biggest mistakes following any business development meeting is that you meet some great people, tell them that you’ll email them or connect on LinkedIn and never do. Even if the person is not interested, send a short email to acknowledge that you appreciate them taking the time to talk to you coupled with your contact details (use a V card) – you never know when their situation might change.
Overall, if you have passion for your business then this will shine through in every conversation you have and people will want to be a part of this – budgets and business objectives permitting.