Networking – Its All About Them, Not You



Like many business owners I attend a number of networking groups on a regular basis meeting a range of people from micro business owners to those running large established businesses. And the people watching is fascinating.

Any new person to a group will quite literally be pounced on by certain regulars. Fresh blood = a new prospect! Always permanently tuned into that well known radio station WIIFM (what’s in it for me).

To me networking is a way of making new contacts, contacts that could support either my business or a client’s business now or in the future.

Yes there’s a possibility that I can be of service to them in their business but that will come through developing mutual trust and that relationship will extend beyond networking.

One of the things I love when working with new clients is to be able to recommend people from my network that might be able to support them or could be a potential collaboration.

My rule is to only recommend those I work with or I would work with.

Networking Tips

  • When introduced to someone new think about how you can be of service to them. Who do you know who might benefit from their business?
  • Spend time learning about them and their business.
  • Don’t tell them directly how you can help them but tell stories of other customers you have worked with.
  • After the meeting connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and if appropriate other social media.Send them a personal message when connecting.
  • Add their details to your CRM, tag them and add notes re the type of business they are looking for etc.
  • Keep in contact to nurture the relationship