New Year but just you… not a new you… five tips that quite simply take the pressure off …

are you ready

My very dear friend and mentor, Peter Thomson, says that “people can’t consistently be who they aren’t” and these words have been ringing in my ears over the last few days. It’s part of the authenticity in business and life and yet we’re so often trying to be someone else or trying to do things others say we should be doing. I say trying to do because when its not who we are we procrastinate, simply don’t do or if we do its half hearted and usually doesn’t work well…

So as we start the New Year my five tips are simply about you…

  • Show up as you, not who you think you should be or who others think you should be…. That way you will show up which is the first step to do anything including building meaningful relationships in life and in business.
  • Use your wisdom and your intuition… being tuned in to our head, heart and gut serves us much more than using logic alone. Don’t override intuition, even in business, for that’s where the true wisdom lies and the real magic happens (and yes, there is magic in business – we each have our own definition of what it is).
  • If you don’t do something or something doesn’t go as expected don’t beat yourself up. It won’t change anything: what will change things is understanding and knowing you, why you didn’t or did do or what you can do differently next time and then just doing that.
  • Stop worrying and going through endless what ifs… it doesn’t change anything, in fact it often paralyses us from taking action or seeing there’s action we can take. Plan, understand the risks but take the action; single baby steps forward are steps forward and cumulatively become significant.
  • Resolutions don’t work, intentions, targets and goals do if they’re things that we really believe in or really want – we need skin in the game. Developing some good supporting habits that we use in our lives and business will always make a difference just decide what they are and do them.