Nothing Much On Your Mind – Letting the Insights Flow

For most people, the weekend was a long weekend – possibly a holiday where you’ve spent time with nothing much on your mind – at least nothing much on your mind in relation to your work or your business …

be in the moment and experience a steady flow of clarity and insights

be in the moment and experience a steady flow of clarity and insights


Perhaps it was an opportunity to visit family and friends, spending time with children, doing all sorts of jobs around the house or even simply relaxing. And if you think back to the weekend, I’m sure you hadn’t necessarily realised that there wasn’t much on your mind; it was quite quiet and on the whole you were just in the moment.

Did you notice how different it felt to not have very much on your mind especially about work or your business? Wouldn’t it be great to experience that more often?

I wonder how many people noticed there was a change on Monday evening, knowing that on Tuesday morning you’d be back to work? And wouldn’t it be great to experience that feeling less often? Even if you don’t experience that every weekend, I’m sure that – like me – it’s something you’ve experienced before.

And did you notice that over the weekend a few insights and inspirations popped into your mind? They might have been something about work or something completely different. The likelihood is that you have spent a few moments with these insights and inspirations, but no more than that.

Research shows that insights and inspirations occur to us when we are (a) on holiday (b) travelling in the car or (c) in the shower. And why is that? It’s simply because there was nothing much on our mind at that time. We had literally created space for the new thoughts.

Peter Thomson, the UK’s leading strategist on business and personal growth, recently recounted the story that having shared with a group of business leaders the times when people have their most inspirational ideas and insights, one of the attendees asked “how long should I tell my guys to spend in the shower every day?” Somewhat missing the point, me thinks – and a clear demonstration of someone with a lot on their mind!

And since you weren’t at work, then making that space by having nothing much on your mind was probably quite easy. How often have you sat – at work or home – trying to come up with the solution to something or have been working on a new product or project and found that you were getting caught up in the need to be thinking up the new ideas and solutions? Possibly so much so that you weren’t as receptive to the new thoughts you did have. Be honest; does this sometimes happen?

Have you noticed that when you are in ‘flow’ the ideas just simply do that – flow – and if you stop to think about the validity of them the whole thing slows down as you get caught up in analysing “will it or won’t it; what’s the impact; what will others think?”.

When you are in flow, there is nothing much on your mind as ideas just pop into your mind, one after the other or the words you need for a document, report etc simply flow fluently – sometimes as if from outside of you.

When there’s nothing much on your mind you have greater clarity. It’s hard to have clarity when your mind is full and thoughts are running like the headlines at the bottom of a TV news screen; even more so when these thoughts are on a loop.

Much of the work I do, as a Business Locksmith, is helping clients to get clarity; as part of that we talk about them having nothing much on their mind and how thinking about the ‘thinking’ can become a bit of a thinking concentric circle.

And in those conversations – part of the powerful unlocking conversations series – it’s important that I too have nothing on my mind; that I’m fully present with the client listening to what they are saying and not having a private conversation about what next and what if they say this or that.

And when both of us are in that place with nothing much on our minds, then the ideas, insights and inspirations truly flow.

I’d love to hear from you when you’ve noticed you have more clarity and when your get your best ideas and inspirations!

Until next time …

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