Presents In The Here And Now – Are you a gift to others?

So was one of your goals or resolutions being more present? Present with your clients, present with your business, present with your family and friends or simply being more present for you?

be present and share the moment with those you're with

be present and share the moment with those you’re with


In the last 2 days I’ve noticed that several people have been talking about being present or more present, either directly or indirectly. And in my experience, when you notice things in that way, it’s because there’s something there for you; something perhaps that you need to hear again or something that you need to hear more deeply.

There’s the obvious trick to being more present of turning mobile devices off during meetings, or turning email off when using Skype or on a webinar, but how about beyond that?

When was the last time you spent a whole evening with family or friends where there wasn’t at least one of you was checking their phone for messages, Facebooking or tweeting? When that happens, how does it make you feel and how does it make the others in the group feel? It doesn’t just impact on the flow of the conversation between everyone – it impacts on the connection between everyone. I’m not suggesting that if you’re having a great time that you shouldn’t share that with others on social media but usually there would be a tacit agreement for that within the group.

I’ve been assisting a client with interviews in the last week. It’s not something that I’ve previously enjoyed to be honest. But I found that, even though I’d heard the preamble about the organisation and the role many times over, by looking at the person speaking, I was present each time. And not making notes of the responses that the interviewee gave at the time, but fully listening to their answers and giving them 100% of my attention, made a real difference to my experience; and from the feedback we’ve had, it clearly made a great experience for the candidates too.

To me, being present with your business is when you are working on the business and giving the business your full attention. So when I said “was it one of your goals or resolutions for the year” then if one of the goals was to spend more time working on the business and concentrating on certain aspects then you too have a goal of being more present with your business and with those in the business, whether it’s employees, co-owners or the people you outsource too.

I’ve spoken about Tony Wrighton before who came up with the great word of “strelaxed”. He recently wrote in his blog that he’s having a 2 hour break from his phone and the Internet first thing every morning and the difference he’d noticed. Again being more present with himself. I wonder how many of us could do that first thing in the morning? After all, before the advent of mobile devices, how many of us were emailing and taking calls before we arrived at the workplace?

Would that 2 hours allow us some valuable thinking time or even better allow us to have nothing much on our mind when as we know creativity starts to flow and ideas come to us as if from nowhere?

The ambiguity of language is great – especially the ambiguity in the English language. Just think, when having a clear mind, it could be there’s simply nothing on your mind at all (or at least very little) or it could be that you are very certain about something and have absolute clarity. And the same for presence and presents or event present in the singular!

In the English language, the word “present” has three distinct meanings: “here”, “now” and “a gift”. Truly, the greatest gifts are always available to you here and now.

Robert Holden

When we say that someone has presence we usually mean that there’s something about them that draws your attention to them; they seem poised and in command of themselves. To a child, if you said someone had presence they would hear “presents” and assume that person had come with gifts for them as if it was Christmas or their birthday all over again!

And you know what? Both are right for the same person as someone who has presence has gifts for us – and themselves – and usually has many other gifts to share with others.

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