PTP – the new business phenomenon


Not another one… how many more do we need… well this one is integral to the long forgotten CSP…

The new phenomenon is one that you and I both know about but like many business tools that we know can make a difference we opt for the easier life. In fact my experience of corporates is that they make it virtually impossible to implement PTP and small businesses use similar avoidance tactics too.

So what am I talking about? What’s PTP? Pick up the phone… no more, no less…

Why can PTP make a difference when there are so many other business communication tools available?

  • How many times have you pinged emails back and forth when if you had simply picked up the phone the matter could have been dealt with in the one call?
  • How many times have you asked a question and then had a long email chain where the other person is reading between the lines and thinks there’s all sorts of sub text when you were just asking a simple question?
  • How often are emails pinged across the office or to someone in the same building?
  • Picking up the phone stops the subtext, misunderstanding of tone, frustration as information is shared piece meal and the interruption of constant emails.
  • Picking up the phone creates a human connection; you can hear the person and so know if they are unhappy, confused, frustrated and so on and of course they can hear you and so understand the same things about you. And we can usually find better solutions and workarounds by talking.
So before you hit send on an email ask yourself the question – how quickly can this be sorted out if I simply pick up the phone? And then let that long forgotten CSP kick in… you know let common sense prevail… Oh, and before you go… how easy is it for prospective clients and clients to PTP you and your business? It could be letting CSP that makes all the difference!