Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… even if that ‘old dog’ is you…

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to speak at many conferences and events where I’ve been given guidelines re the subject to be discussed and also run other people’s training courses where I’ve delivered their material. So when I decided to run my own training event in business development it felt really big shoes to be stepping into… I was telling myself all sorts of stories about how hard it could be and the notes that I’d need to have to hand… Completely forgetting I’d run a course at home several years ago and plus webinars recently!

Well in truth it was nothing like that, I had a good basis to work from since I’m a licensed trainer and practitioner in Peter Thomson’s Accelerated Business Growth System and found writing the slides was quite easy, in fact the layout and adding the graphics took far more time – but doesn’t the last but often take the most time! I didn’t add any notes to the slides as I knew I wouldn’t look at them but added the detailed notes for each section to my copy of the slides for reference.


It was material I knew inside out from studying it over the years and from showing it to my clients. In the couple of days that I was prepping the material I started to recognise the ethos that I have re training – I don’t know about you but I’ve spent £000’s on courses, been given lots of information but not always the real practical delivery guidance to understand what these new tools or takes on well known theories will add to my business and so guess what…. They weren’t really implemented and the ROI on the course was frankly parlous.

I don’t want that for the people who come to the events I run whether it’s a short ½ day, 3 days or the monthly unlocking business club; it’s more than important to me that people get value and ROI, it’s an imperative.

And so here’s the ethos I’ve developed ‘that the tools and ideas shared will be simple, effective and inexpensive to implement, that each person can see how they will work for their business and potentially for their clients’ businesses too. And because they can see the practical use, how it¹s relevant to their business and that there will be tangible results with nominal outlay other than taking the time to out to work on the business they’ll use that all important master key – action’.

And having decided that’s the core value and ethos I’m using everything else became so much easier, I thought about what it is that I’d really like for the people to take away and action to make a difference and ‘unlock hidden profit’ and in getting out of my own way I knew that I’d be of more service to everyone.

So what happened on the day? Well apart from not having the right dongle for the AV system and having a few small technical trials to move the slides forward it was fun…

Most importantly we took time to talk about how things could be used in each person’s business so they could see the practical relevance to them. They prioritised what they are going to do for their own business and with the follow up eBook – remember the Ebinghaus forgetting curve…. Always important to have follow up material … they’ll have some structure to support them. And I’ll be talking to each of them in a few weeks time to see how they’re getting on.

The week of the event someone posted on Facebook ‘what are you going to do this week more than you’ve ever done before?’ and my comment was ‘show up on Wednesday more than I’ve every done for the people attending the event’. And by getting out of my own way, using the ethos I’ve shared with you, being present and showing up for the delegates it’s what I was able to do…. By getting out of my own way I was in in flow… the insights and information to share with people flowed through me and not from me…

And from the feedback I had within an hour of the event ending I knew the things I’d shared had made a difference “…now I have been on a range of similar events over the many years I have been running a business, and to be honest most have not been able to teach this old dog new tricks. But this event did not only teach me some new tricks but also reminded me of things I used to do but don’t do now. Look out world here I come…” And this was from someone who I have a lot of respect for and learnt a lot from myself over the last 12 months.

What a difference changing my thinking about the event and stepping up made… I’ve learnt lots about event organisation but the most important thing I’ve learnt is to just be and show up… that’s what really makes the difference…

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