Standing out from the crowd is more than doing things differently, its also about delighting people…

Standing out from the crowd in business isn’t perhaps quite so easy these days as businesses try to attract attention by doing things a little differently. But how many of them actually delight those customers who don’t do the norm? And how many of them retain those customers by continuing to delight them?

Advertising campaigns can often be created to tell a different story, appeal to a different sector or niche, intrigue and amuse. But what if the business doesn’t follow through on that promise? What if its just a one hit wonder and then situation normal?

There are three things that a business owner is interested in… How to increase the average order value, how to increase the average order frequency and how to get more customers.
Two of the three can be achieved more easily than people think but what about getting more customers and then increasing their spend with you?


If the tried and tested ways aren’t really making much of an impact then perhaps its time to do something different since clearly those tried and tested ways are possibly the tired and testy ways.

The following from Seth Godin really caught my imagination. Perhaps its time to consider what we can really do that’s different from those who are in the same business sector as we are? Perhaps its time to do more than interruption marketing and really follow through and delight. Where delight is way more than customer satisfaction. And it doesn’t matter what business we are in, there are opportunities to do so in every market sector and business sector.

Delight the weird

Everyone who eats at your restaurant expects a good cup of coffee, and it’s difficult to wow them, because, of course, your competition is working to do the same thing.
But of course, it’s not everyone who wants a cup of coffee. Some want a cup of tea, or a cup of herbal tea, and those folks are used to being ignored, or handed an old Lipton tea bag, or something boring.

What if you had thirty varieties for them to choose from?

Everyone who stays at your hotel expects the same sort of service, and it’s difficult to wow them, because, of course, your competition is working to do the same thing.

But of course, it’s not everyone. Some people travel with their dogs, and they’re used to being disrespected. What if you gave those people a choice of a dozen dog toys, three dog beds and a special dog run out back?

When you delight the weird, the overlooked and the outliers, they are significantly more likely to talk about you and recommend you.

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