Suck it up and make lemonade…


Things happen, plans go out of the window, sometimes it just ain’t gonna happen or at least not that way…

A wise young woman taught me a number of things this year, she was a very savvy and passionate business woman with a zest for life but took no nonsense and no excuses. Do it or don’t, you either want it or you don’t… And if you want it then do it 100%.

Either way work though and plan, ask for help where you need it, use your network and connections – that’s what they’re for; use good and accurate resources they will serve you much better.

And if things don’t go to plan then learn from it, find a way if its what you really want, don’t waste energy in bemoaning your fate, move on as that leads to growth – anything else is just inertia.

This was her ethos for life as well as business. So this is what I’ve taken from her:

  • When starting any new venture or project don’t be over protective about it once the idea is formed. Share with your network, it might be the right thing for them; they might know someone else it would be perfect for. And it’s a great way to test.
  • Use joint ventures to promote your business – there’s even potential to offer a combined package of products and services. It’s a great way to raise your visibility within a new group of people/market as well as expanding your customer base. If the JV partner offers services and products you don’t it’s beneficial for your client base and helps retain them.
  • There is no such thing as competition whether you have a relational or transactional business. People buy from people and its about building relationships and connections and using your connections. Remembering to ask for the business yes, but not hard selling as that’s not building relationships.
  • And last but not least – look after you, if you aren’t healthy then the business won’t be. So make sure you stay hydrated, eat well, and take time out to recharge.
An inspirational and wise young woman, sadly Hannah Foxley passed away this week. She leaves a great legacy, has touched many lives and inspired many people. Thank you Hannah for being you…