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What’s other people’s perception of your brand?

We all have perception about other brands, whether its high street names, corporates, local businesses, banks, energy suppliers… some will be because we’ve been or aspire to be a customer and other perceptions will have been influenced by the media plus other people’s experiences. But what about our perception of our own brand and what’s […]

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… the question is… are you actively doing it….

… actively listening that is…. Because it really does make a difference to the conversation and the outcome… You know that glazed look in someone’s eyes when you are talking to them and it’s really important that they not only listen to what you’re saying but really hear it and understand what you’re saying… I […]

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Trust…. Is that what’s missing in the 21st Century?

Having explored the seven deadly sins and then looked at the type of leaders who are emerging that are making change it occurred to me that one of the things that’s become apparent is the lack of trust in corporates, governments and politicians, the finance industry as a whole and in leaders. And the lack […]

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Conscious Leadership Exemplified: Ricken Patel

The last couple of blogs have looked at the 21st Century versions of the seven deadly sins and how they’ve been playing out in business and the economy. And one of the things that struck me was that it would be very easy to flip those things around to make a real and different impact. […]

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What part have greed and lust played in the business downturn?

Continuing the series on how 21st Century business behaviour reflects the seven deadly sins Having started to write about the modern equivalent of the 7 deadly sins and how they show up in business I attended a TEDx talk on ‘Greed, Generosity and the Greater Good’; it was really interesting to hear the speakers’ take […]

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How much does 21st Century business behaviour reflect the seven deadly sins?

The seven deadly sins are something we ‘ve all heard of, first published by Pope Gregory the Great, and gone on to inspire all sorts of writers, film and TV directors, and even food. An article in Intelligent Life revisited the seven deadly sins in today’s society using a range of guest writers and whilst […]

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Reputation v customer service… do we need a reputation strategy a part of customer service?

You’d think that a brand perceived as aspirational would work hard to maintain customer service and their reputation wouldn’t you? And yet my experience with my car is a million miles away from that: since I bought the car its spent more time in their workshop than with me… the lack of updates, clarity around […]

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How to be an inspirational speaker… its more than what you say…

If you were to recall an inspirational speaker and by that I don’t just mean a motivational speaker, personally I’ve seen inspiring speakers who talk to quite dry subject…. I’m sure that you can see and hear them very clearly in your mind’s eye. You can probably see them on stage delivering a talk and […]

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How To Thrive In Business Through Spiritual Intelligence

Thriving in business starts with your personal definition of thriving. For some, it is purely monetary gain, financial wealth and being perceived as a success in the world. For others, it includes definitions such as expressing the truth of who they are through their work and all that they pursue; balancing time spent “doing” their […]

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Women on the Board… Who is fooling whom?

Being authentic in the workplace is one of the values which many of us hold dear and yet time and time again we experience people who for one reason or another feel that they have to behave differently in a situation because its expected, to be part of the in crowd, because they are not […]

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