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Making it all add up – data is invaluable but only in context…

Yesterday someone demonstrated how useless data is unless it has context and a penny dropped for me, I’ve been talking about collecting data but what I really mean is gathering information. Data is simply a snapshot at a particular time it’s the context of the data and the comparison that makes it meaningful and useful […]

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The six most useful questions that you can ask of yourself

Simple – yes, easy – maybe, useful – you bet!! The six most useful questions that you can ask of yourself, of the business and of the people in the business… I was reminded of these yesterday by my good friend and mentor Peter Thomson. These questions give structure to any reviews and planning that […]

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Standing out from the crowd is more than doing things differently, its also about delighting people…

Standing out from the crowd in business isn’t perhaps quite so easy these days as businesses try to attract attention by doing things a little differently. But how many of them actually delight those customers who don’t do the norm? And how many of them retain those customers by continuing to delight them? Advertising campaigns […]

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What lies at the heart of your business? Does it need any cardiovascular surgery?

Mike Corbridge, the Social Media Blackbelt gave an interesting presentation the other week where he put social media at the heart of any business and all the different types of social media then linking to each other like a support network. And yes, whilst I recognise that social media is very important to businesses it […]

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So is being an Entrepreneur all about working longer and harder or working smarter?

I’ve touched on this subject before but the recent report published by Hiscox Insurance, ‘The DNA of an Entrepreneur’ where a number of Entrepreneurs across six European countries were polled found that the average working week in the UK was less than 40 hours per week with the average across the six nations as only […]

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Ethical banking? What might this look like?

So this week the new Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney starts; I wonder what he really thinks of the world economy and more especially the UK economy and if he’s had second thoughts over the last couple of weeks? Earlier today I noted on the BBC news website that one of his […]

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The Authenticity In Business Evolution

When I wrote about customer service and the difference between the treatment from large corporates vs small businesses the other week, some saw it as a call to arms and the start of a revolution …   Many commented that treatment received from call centres has indeed impacted on their businesses. Some had even written […]

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21st Century Communication

Are you one of the many people who has taken leave over Easter and so are away from your workplace for more than the four day weekend? And thinking about your inbox when you return, how does that make you feel? No doubt a little daunting, a sense that within hours of opening up email […]

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Being A Business Locksmith

I’ve introduced the work that I do as a business confidante and so thought it was time to tell you more about the work I do as a business locksmith. And no, by that I don’t mean that I have perfected the art of picking locks in the physical sense … From time to time […]

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Your Goals And Resolutions For 2013 – Are you sticking to them?

Like me, you have no doubt been inundated with emails, newsletters, Facebook posts and tweets about New Year resolutions and goals. To be honest, they all carry some useful hints and tips and try and motivate us to keep those resolutions and achieve those goals. At least the ones that you read did and no […]

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