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Making it all add up – data is invaluable but only in context…

Yesterday someone demonstrated how useless data is unless it has context and a penny dropped for me, I’ve been talking about collecting data but what I really mean is gathering information. Data is simply a snapshot at a particular time it’s the context of the data and the comparison that makes it meaningful and useful […]

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Shooting from the hip… or getting shot in the foot….

Reactions and retorts are common place but how often do they get us into trouble? I don’t know about you but in certain situations I find I’m more likely to shoot from hip… situations where I don’t necessarily have the full information, the urgent things that need to be sorted now or there’s pressure in […]

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The six most useful questions that you can ask of yourself

Simple – yes, easy – maybe, useful – you bet!! The six most useful questions that you can ask of yourself, of the business and of the people in the business… I was reminded of these yesterday by my good friend and mentor Peter Thomson. These questions give structure to any reviews and planning that […]

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Using stories in leadership… Are you sitting comfortably, now I’ll begin…

… that’s how a popular children’s programme used to start which was on just before Woman’s Hour so listened to by thousands of children every day. We all love stories, whether they are total fiction or stories about real life events we still love them. It’s the way that history and indeed news was passed […]

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It’s not about goals for 2014 – well at least not your goals

Like all businesses the goals and plans of the business were shared and regular updates given but unlike most people everyone in the business also shared their personal hopes, dreams and goals whether or not they were business orientated. They did this on a quarterly basis, wrote them on a wall that everyone could see […]

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Referrals, testimonials, endorsements – are they meaningful or of value?

The answer to that is yes and no because it wholly depends what is being said, how it’s being said and who’s saying it. We all know referrals are a great way to get new customers/clients and it can be an inexpensive way too compared to other methods. But it will only be of benefit […]

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What’s your authentic voice?

I have to be honest and say that whilst I use a number of different social media platforms Face Book is my favourite; it’s a great way to share varying types information, keep in touch with friends both virtual and those I know well and is mostly fun. Whichever platform of social media that I’m […]

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Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs to be Spiritually Intelligent

Within each and every one of us is a valuable resource, a font of wisdom and an intelligence that goes beyond all that we have learned in our education and further training. This vast well of knowledge, that can easily be accessed, is our inner Intelligence or Spiritual Intelligence. As business owners and leaders, integrating […]

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Will you stand with me and stop playing small?

Yes, that’s you over there and you too… Are you ready to stop playing small? What’s that you don’t think you are? Really, can you really say that you can’t play bigger? Over the last 10 days or so I’ve come to realise that I’ve been playing small; I’ve got enough testimonials from people yet […]

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What’s your strategy for decision making? And does your head rule your heart?

Be honest have you ever worked out the strategy you use when making decisions? Few of us have unless we’ve been specifically asked to do so. Instinctively we know when we’ve made a good decision or a bad one and yet do we know the strategy that we used to get to that decision point […]

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