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How do you see your life… are there still six degrees of separation?

I don’t know about you but I am both, intrigued, sometimes amazed and often amused by the interconnectedness of people that I meet, have met or am about to meet. Referrals are a great way of doing business and being a regular and (so I’m told consummate) networker I’m regularly referring people and also connecting […]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Beneficial to businesses or does it attract the wrong kind of customer?

It’s only in the last couple of years that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been so highly marketed and adopted in the UK. Historically US companies with a presence in the UK had introduced an equivalent but now it would appear that many others are jumping on the same band wagon. But why? What […]

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Goals and targets – carrots or sticks?

This time of year people are talking about goals for the coming year and what they want to achieve. Plus many businesses are reviewing goals, targets and performance since they too work by the calendar year. And of course there’s lots of chatter in the personal and business development community about goals and targets and […]

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What are your vital statistics? Do you know your figures and how do you use them?

Having worked in corporate for many years where part of the departments role was to provide certain information month in month out I understand that some data is invaluable to businesses to both monitor progress of the strategic goals but also to make operational decisions.

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What activities are stealing your time and taking your eye off the ball…

The differentiation between important and urgent can easily get blurred, especially when we’re caught up in the moment and everything seems important and urgent. But is that really the case?

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What’s your bigger picture? Or are you too busy to remember what it looks like?

One of the columnists I enjoy reading is Iqbal Wahhab founder of Roast Restaurant he’s an entrepreneur with not just lot of business savvy but talks great sense about UK PLC. An article he wrote earlier this year recounted a conversation with potential investors that would allow him to expand by adding a few new […]

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How playing Battleships can really grow your business…

… Yes, I do mean that game we used to play as children… so simple yet so clever… and its made quite literally £ms for businesses over the years and here’s how… Many businesses have CRM systems which have all sorts of reporting capabilities and conversely many businesses don’t have CRM systems or have very […]

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How to write a winning proposal

And that’s not a marriage proposal… well not in the strictest sense of the word but could be the start of a very rewarding relationship for you and the client… I know from experience that writing proposals for prospective clients can take a lot of investment, even if you have a system and template in […]

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How to overcome price objections

Whether selling a product or service, multiple products or multiple services from time to time we’re likely to come across objections from the client or prospective client about the price. Objections to price are interesting because they can point to the perception and thinking of the other party. And of course constant testing of price […]

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How to Reclaim Time From Your Email Inbox (and restore email sanity)…

“Arggghhhh too many emails…” I know how you feel… Fortunately with the help of Kate Gerry email sanity has resumed, well more or less – I am human after all. Kate really is the best person I know to get your In Box sorted out in fact she’s an absolute ninja when it comes to banishing […]

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