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How do you see your life… are there still six degrees of separation?

I don’t know about you but I am both, intrigued, sometimes amazed and often amused by the interconnectedness of people that I meet, have met or am about to meet. Referrals are a great way of doing business and being a regular and (so I’m told consummate) networker I’m regularly referring people and also connecting […]

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… the question is… are you actively doing it….

… actively listening that is…. Because it really does make a difference to the conversation and the outcome… You know that glazed look in someone’s eyes when you are talking to them and it’s really important that they not only listen to what you’re saying but really hear it and understand what you’re saying… I […]

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Using stories in leadership… Are you sitting comfortably, now I’ll begin…

… that’s how a popular children’s programme used to start which was on just before Woman’s Hour so listened to by thousands of children every day. We all love stories, whether they are total fiction or stories about real life events we still love them. It’s the way that history and indeed news was passed […]

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Children are truly our best teachers… we think we teach them but what they teach us is far more valuable at times…

In the update section of Director magazine there’s a section called jargon buster and recently the definition was for herding cats – ‘a task onerous due to the difficulty of co-ordinating many disparate people or things.” Have to say that I hadn’t thought of it as jargon but every day language but I’m sure there […]

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Networking It’s All About Them Not You And You Have To Treat Networking Like Dating…

Like many business owners I attend a number of networking groups on a meeting a range of people from micro business owners to those running large established businesses. And the people watching is fascinating. In some networking groups where’s there’s a constant core of say 12-15 people any new person to the group whether a […]

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Most Wanted Action or Most Wasted Opportunity? Do You Waste Opportunities in Your Communication?

Recently in a meeting with HMRC I found myself asking ‘what’s your most wanted call to action from this letter?’ That wasn’t the purpose of the meeting but old habits and all that… And perhaps not unsurprisingly the response from the senior managers didn’t actually align with the operation team. In reading the letter I […]

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Coming Clean With Mistakes

When someone in an organisation makes a serious mistake and then covers it up, if you’re like me then your first thought is ”why?” and the second is ”someone else must have known”. How can something so serious be the work and decision of just one person? From what I have observed, the first thought […]

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How Urgent Is Urgent?

As I write this, the World Economic Forum at Davos has just come to an end for another year. It’s a place where great world and thought leaders come together to debate the emerging issues of 2013 and their implications for the global economy and their industries … And I noticed that the Institute of […]

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Authenticity In Business

For some time now I’ve been talking to people about authenticity in business and in business leaders. It’s something that has to come from the top and is a quality, if you can call it that, or perhaps a behaviour of every manager within a business and really of every employee … Over the last […]

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Being Present And Connected

How do you listen when you are talking to someone? Whether it’s a client or a family member or a friend? Or perhaps when on a webinar or teleseminar or a face-to-face training course? Are you ”really listening” to what they are saying? And when I say ”really listening” I mean do they have your […]

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