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Trust…. Is that what’s missing in the 21st Century?

Having explored the seven deadly sins and then looked at the type of leaders who are emerging that are making change it occurred to me that one of the things that’s become apparent is the lack of trust in corporates, governments and politicians, the finance industry as a whole and in leaders. And the lack […]

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Conscious Leadership Exemplified: Ricken Patel

The last couple of blogs have looked at the 21st Century versions of the seven deadly sins and how they’ve been playing out in business and the economy. And one of the things that struck me was that it would be very easy to flip those things around to make a real and different impact. […]

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What part have greed and lust played in the business downturn?

Continuing the series on how 21st Century business behaviour reflects the seven deadly sins Having started to write about the modern equivalent of the 7 deadly sins and how they show up in business I attended a TEDx talk on ‘Greed, Generosity and the Greater Good’; it was really interesting to hear the speakers’ take […]

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How much does 21st Century business behaviour reflect the seven deadly sins?

The seven deadly sins are something we ‘ve all heard of, first published by Pope Gregory the Great, and gone on to inspire all sorts of writers, film and TV directors, and even food. An article in Intelligent Life revisited the seven deadly sins in today’s society using a range of guest writers and whilst […]

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How To Thrive In Business Through Spiritual Intelligence

Thriving in business starts with your personal definition of thriving. For some, it is purely monetary gain, financial wealth and being perceived as a success in the world. For others, it includes definitions such as expressing the truth of who they are through their work and all that they pursue; balancing time spent “doing” their […]

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The Authenticity In Business Evolution

When I wrote about customer service and the difference between the treatment from large corporates vs small businesses the other week, some saw it as a call to arms and the start of a revolution …   Many commented that treatment received from call centres has indeed impacted on their businesses. Some had even written […]

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When Starting Your Own Business

Immense thanks to Yvette for offering me the opportunity to be her guest blogger! This happened following a great coaching session I was lucky enough to have with her where we got onto the subject of ethics in the workplace and in which I must have come across as totally passionate about for her to […]

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The Bigger They Are The Worse It Gets

Twice in the last few days, at informal networking events, the customer service from large businesses compared to SMEs has been discussed and this then moved onto the attitude and perception of the large businesses compared to that of the small business … I have two historical clients who I support for their payroll compliance […]

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Criteria for Promoting People…

As ever, my bathroom reading proved interesting again this week. An article in Management Today caught my attention. Entitled ‘The Indispensability Trap – Why being too good at your current job is a risk’, the following quote started me thinking … “Those who promote you make a leap of faith, a hope that you will […]

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What a Difference Sunshine Makes

Having worked in retail for many years – back office support admittedly – I quickly understood that retailers are much like farmers and are impacted by the weather and it’s almost as if there is no perfect weather …     The cold March we have all experienced has been reported as a massive disincentive […]

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