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Children are truly our best teachers… we think we teach them but what they teach us is far more valuable at times…

In the update section of Director magazine there’s a section called jargon buster and recently the definition was for herding cats – ‘a task onerous due to the difficulty of co-ordinating many disparate people or things.” Have to say that I hadn’t thought of it as jargon but every day language but I’m sure there […]

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Mentoring and Nurturing – Sometimes it’s Tough Love

For me, there’s a very fine line between coaching and mentoring and perhaps even more of a fine line between mentoring and nurturing. However for nurture please don’t read molly coddle! And one of the things that I advocate is that all mentors and coaches should have mentors and coaches that they too work with […]

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Keep Doing The Same Thing And Get The Same Results

This week I’ve been reminded of this time and time again. A new client called today, they have had issues with recruitment and all they have done is make minor changes to the job description but not changed the way they recruit, the questions they ask to really understand the person and the competencies … […]

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