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What’s other people’s perception of your brand?

We all have perception about other brands, whether its high street names, corporates, local businesses, banks, energy suppliers… some will be because we’ve been or aspire to be a customer and other perceptions will have been influenced by the media plus other people’s experiences. But what about our perception of our own brand and what’s […]

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How to write a winning proposal

And that’s not a marriage proposal… well not in the strictest sense of the word but could be the start of a very rewarding relationship for you and the client… I know from experience that writing proposals for prospective clients can take a lot of investment, even if you have a system and template in […]

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… the question is… are you actively doing it….

… actively listening that is…. Because it really does make a difference to the conversation and the outcome… You know that glazed look in someone’s eyes when you are talking to them and it’s really important that they not only listen to what you’re saying but really hear it and understand what you’re saying… I […]

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Trust…. Is that what’s missing in the 21st Century?

Having explored the seven deadly sins and then looked at the type of leaders who are emerging that are making change it occurred to me that one of the things that’s become apparent is the lack of trust in corporates, governments and politicians, the finance industry as a whole and in leaders. And the lack […]

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Using stories in leadership… Are you sitting comfortably, now I’ll begin…

… that’s how a popular children’s programme used to start which was on just before Woman’s Hour so listened to by thousands of children every day. We all love stories, whether they are total fiction or stories about real life events we still love them. It’s the way that history and indeed news was passed […]

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How to be an inspirational speaker… its more than what you say…

If you were to recall an inspirational speaker and by that I don’t just mean a motivational speaker, personally I’ve seen inspiring speakers who talk to quite dry subject…. I’m sure that you can see and hear them very clearly in your mind’s eye. You can probably see them on stage delivering a talk and […]

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Five Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs to be Spiritually Intelligent

Within each and every one of us is a valuable resource, a font of wisdom and an intelligence that goes beyond all that we have learned in our education and further training. This vast well of knowledge, that can easily be accessed, is our inner Intelligence or Spiritual Intelligence. As business owners and leaders, integrating […]

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Will you stand with me and stop playing small?

Yes, that’s you over there and you too… Are you ready to stop playing small? What’s that you don’t think you are? Really, can you really say that you can’t play bigger? Over the last 10 days or so I’ve come to realise that I’ve been playing small; I’ve got enough testimonials from people yet […]

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Communication – are you managing it effectively and what’s your strategy?

Unexpectedly long train journeys seem to be a great time for insights and inspirations for me whilst for most of the other passengers it just seems to be a time of total frustration and sometimes even anger. Observing people’s behaviour is interesting but when, due to the loudness of someone’s voice, you can’t but hear […]

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Children are truly our best teachers… we think we teach them but what they teach us is far more valuable at times…

In the update section of Director magazine there’s a section called jargon buster and recently the definition was for herding cats – ‘a task onerous due to the difficulty of co-ordinating many disparate people or things.” Have to say that I hadn’t thought of it as jargon but every day language but I’m sure there […]

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