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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Beneficial to businesses or does it attract the wrong kind of customer?

It’s only in the last couple of years that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been so highly marketed and adopted in the UK. Historically US companies with a presence in the UK had introduced an equivalent but now it would appear that many others are jumping on the same band wagon. But why? What […]

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Goals and targets – carrots or sticks?

This time of year people are talking about goals for the coming year and what they want to achieve. Plus many businesses are reviewing goals, targets and performance since they too work by the calendar year. And of course there’s lots of chatter in the personal and business development community about goals and targets and […]

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What’s your bigger picture? Or are you too busy to remember what it looks like?

One of the columnists I enjoy reading is Iqbal Wahhab founder of Roast Restaurant he’s an entrepreneur with not just lot of business savvy but talks great sense about UK PLC. An article he wrote earlier this year recounted a conversation with potential investors that would allow him to expand by adding a few new […]

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Momentum v procrastination v… well, actually v clarity…

Well I got as far as writing the title and then left it for the day…. Was I procrastinating or was there little momentum… Nope, I just wasn’t clear what it was I wanted to write about… the idea was bubbling but not yet fully grown. If you’re like me then these things can grow […]

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Will you stand with me and stop playing small?

Yes, that’s you over there and you too… Are you ready to stop playing small? What’s that you don’t think you are? Really, can you really say that you can’t play bigger? Over the last 10 days or so I’ve come to realise that I’ve been playing small; I’ve got enough testimonials from people yet […]

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What lies at the heart of your business? Does it need any cardiovascular surgery? PART 2

Last week I likened the heart of a business to the human heart with its four chambers, the way that it beats, and the support systems and back end as the cardiovascular system pumping the lifeblood around the heart of the business and the business itself. And we mostly discussed the two ‘chambers’ of the […]

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Employee Burnout

Is employee burnout something that you’ve experienced or witnessed in the past? Is it something as a business owner you fear might be happening to you? This week HR Director magazine published the results of survey where more than 200 HR directors cited employee burnout for more than 30% of employees … That’s nearly a […]

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How Urgent Is Urgent?

As I write this, the World Economic Forum at Davos has just come to an end for another year. It’s a place where great world and thought leaders come together to debate the emerging issues of 2013 and their implications for the global economy and their industries … And I noticed that the Institute of […]

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Authenticity In Business

For some time now I’ve been talking to people about authenticity in business and in business leaders. It’s something that has to come from the top and is a quality, if you can call it that, or perhaps a behaviour of every manager within a business and really of every employee … Over the last […]

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Your Goals And Resolutions For 2013 – Are you sticking to them?

Like me, you have no doubt been inundated with emails, newsletters, Facebook posts and tweets about New Year resolutions and goals. To be honest, they all carry some useful hints and tips and try and motivate us to keep those resolutions and achieve those goals. At least the ones that you read did and no […]

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