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Will you stand with me and stop playing small?

Yes, that’s you over there and you too… Are you ready to stop playing small? What’s that you don’t think you are? Really, can you really say that you can’t play bigger? Over the last 10 days or so I’ve come to realise that I’ve been playing small; I’ve got enough testimonials from people yet […]

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Which Strategy Works Best…

Last week’s blog on the criteria we use for promoting people generated dialogue on how people will promote for fear of losing a ‘key’ employee, only to pay the consequences later for a variety of reasons. And how sometimes that fear can be because of the wealth of knowledge and experience that a person has […]

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What a Difference Sunshine Makes

Having worked in retail for many years – back office support admittedly – I quickly understood that retailers are much like farmers and are impacted by the weather and it’s almost as if there is no perfect weather …     The cold March we have all experienced has been reported as a massive disincentive […]

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Lessons From Commuting Chaos

Are you standing on the station waiting for the train with everyone else or taking your own lead? I’m fortunate that I don’t have to commute on a daily basis and so when there are significant train delays it’s an inconvenience but not a disaster … For the second time in as many weeks, there […]

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From Battlefield To Garden

In recent blog posts I’ve talked about business ethics, cost cutting and authentic leadership, plus the impact of these on employees, which – for more than two thirds of the work place – has resulted in burnout. This very much reflects the current situation in many organisations, even if its not obvious or openly admitted […]

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Being A Business Locksmith

I’ve introduced the work that I do as a business confidante and so thought it was time to tell you more about the work I do as a business locksmith. And no, by that I don’t mean that I have perfected the art of picking locks in the physical sense … From time to time […]

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Presents In The Here And Now – Are you a gift to others?

So was one of your goals or resolutions being more present? Present with your clients, present with your business, present with your family and friends or simply being more present for you? In the last 2 days I’ve noticed that several people have been talking about being present or more present, either directly or indirectly. […]

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Your Goals And Resolutions For 2013 – Are you sticking to them?

Like me, you have no doubt been inundated with emails, newsletters, Facebook posts and tweets about New Year resolutions and goals. To be honest, they all carry some useful hints and tips and try and motivate us to keep those resolutions and achieve those goals. At least the ones that you read did and no […]

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Who Inspires You? And when did you last tell them?

I don’t know about you but most of my life I’ve been lucky enough to work with and know inspiring people. The coaches, trainers and mentors I’ve worked with are not by accident – they have and do inspire me and so it was a natural choice to work with them … And even when […]

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Clarity and Balls – Find Your Wisdom and Take Action

It seems to me that having clarity is one of the most beneficial gifts for ourselves and our business that we can have. Clarity in who we are, what we are for, what our business is for, values, vision and mission as we’ve spoken about before … But more importantly, clarity in our thinking; knowing […]

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