Tempted to strike? Especially with the Spanish plume on its way…


It would appear that the lack of work life balance is why some railway workers are going to strike; wonder what they would think of the work life of a business owner?
How many times have you felt like downing tools because you want to have some personal/family/friends time but because you are running a business you can’t?

And yet for many business owners that was one of the key reasons for setting up their own business but somehow that seems to get forgotten as the business of running a business takes over yet alone the client work. Strategy and planning is part of the management of the balance but it’s also about priorities. Our personal priorities have to be given consideration too and to keep pushing those back will have an overall impact on how we feel about the business.

And for that matter what about everyone else in the business, are we encouraging them to forgo their work life balance too? And how does that really help anyone in the long run?

So how about considering your own demands for a work life balance?

  • All work and no play… well, many of us find fun in and at work but we’re still at work. If you think about this how does it make you feel? What outlets do you have so it’s not all work?
  • What would happen if next week you suggested that the business operated summer hours for the rest of the summer so that you could enjoy some down time during the day and say take an hour on emails/tasks in the evening? Or simply adjust the working day? Yes, there maybe some deadlines but how can you manage the week so that you meet this and have some you time?
  • How can this be managed so that everyone has that chance? Is it really about being there from 9 – 5, 8 -7? Or is it about quality and overall output?
  • One of my clients talks about being happy and that, on the whole, as business owners and leaders we should only do activities that make us happy (recognising that are some business essentials that may not make us happy but are necessary); so what are you doing that makes you happy and what do you unconsciously resent doing?
  • If you reinstated work life balance for everyone in the business what would be the real loss and would be the real gain? I’m pretty sure there would be a significant net gain, aren’t you?