The Awakened Entrepreneur – What Does That Mean To You?

This weekend I’ve attended two completely different training events. The first was with Dr Joanna Martin, learning more about speaking from the stage and the second with Jamie Smart and a very cool group of people exploring being an Awakened Entrepreneur…

do you hold the values of an awakened entrepreneur?

do you hold the values of an awakened entrepreneur?

As soon as Jamie posed the question of ‘What’s an Awakened Entrepreneur?’ I was very clear on what that meant to me. In fact to me being an Awakened Entrepreneur is very similar to being an Awakened Business Leader and I’ve had a hypothesis for this for some time.

Awakened Entrepreneurs are aware that their world is a thought-created reality. They will always operate from a place of authenticity in the business; this is the culture which everyone in the business is expected to embrace and indeed will, because only those people who are authentic will be attracted to work in the business and of course this is part of the business core values. Those who the Awakened Entrepreneurs do business with are also authentic in themselves and their business. And in fact that’s so important that Awakened Entrepreneurs will choose not to work with those who aren’t authentic.

They know being of service and serving has a greater value than simply money and profit; I wrote about this recently in a blog which you can read here. This again is an important part of the Awakened Entrepreneur’s values and is a million miles away from servicing customers and clients which all too many businesses do. Awakened Entrepreneurs will serve passionately as they are passionate about their business and who they serve.

You might ask for what purpose would someone be an Awakened Entrepreneur or an Awakened Business Leader? To me the answer is simply to allow greater connection with the people in the business and the people and businesses outside of the business. It’s really a way of being and allowing and in doing so brings greater and sustainable opportunities.

With greater connection, so many great things are possible and so many great things happen. And by connection I do mean a heart to heart connection and would argue that a connection made which is not heart to heart is not a true connection.

Awakened Entrepreneurs will have sustainable businesses, sustainable profit and profitable sustainability. Something which many businesses strive for but – because they are working in the old ways of cutting through people and businesses and therefore values – simply don’t achieve that sustainable element. By being of service Awakened Entrepreneurs will continue to expand their business and offerings and get repeat business – and we all know the cost of gaining repeat business as against the cost of attracting new customers and clients.

Being authentic and allowing others within the business to be authentic brings benefits in many ways: within the business the people will be passionate about the business, passionate about service and serving, will be doing a good job all the time and this in turn brings sustainably increased productivity – imagine the difference that would make to a business! There will also be a natural environment in which people will create and innovate, contributing to the sustainable growth of the business.

All of these are essential to being an Awakened Entrepreneur and Business Leader and over the coming weeks I’lll be exploring these in more depth. I’m sure there are a number of entrepreneurs that you can recognise as being awakened; are you one of them?

Until next time …

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