Doing the same thing time and time again – five reasons why making a small change can make a big difference

Action plan

We’re all used to the phrase if it ain’t broke don’t change it… but what does that really mean in business? It generally means we become complacent, we get used to doing the same thing and getting good results… but what about getting great results?

If something is working but what’s happening is the same system is being used time and again then where are the edges of the system? How far could it really take you and the business?

So why should you go do things differently?

  • Unless you start to test and push the system you won’t know if it can support greater capacity now or in the future? And potentially there’s untapped growth
  • People won’t be using their skills to their greatest potential and so like any muscle if its not used it loses its strength and capability… it’s the ability to use the knowledge and the frequency the knowledge is used that makes a difference
  • Testing at every point in the system, especially when going to market, gives the opportunity to see what works very well, well and doesn’t work at all. With safeguards in place if something doesn’t work it can be changed back or changed again
  • Just a subtle change makes a difference…. A change of 1° in perception gives a different outlook and lead to different results
  • Others in your market will be testing constantly… don’t get left behind
Come on… what have you got to lose?