What’s your authentic voice?

I have to be honest and say that whilst I use a number of different social media platforms Face Book is my favourite; it’s a great way to share varying types information, keep in touch with friends both virtual and those I know well and is mostly fun. Whichever platform of social media that I’m using but especially Face Book I always speak with my authentic voice. I might be posting something quite personal, quite trivial but fun, interesting (well to me at least and hopefully my friends), factual, inspirational and sharing other people’s posts but always with my authentic voice.

At all times I honour my personal values which is part of speaking with an authentic voice as that’s the essence of me. If after I’ve posted something and realise that I haven’t done that I will delete the post.


And it’s the same for my blogs and business tips, as well as the webinars I host or any talks I’ve given and to be honest any coaching work I’ve ever done. It has to be from that place which is my authentic voice, honouring my values and the values of the brand of the Business Locksmith.

My blogs and business tips are always something that I’ve been inspired to write or something that has inspired me – a subtle but distinct difference as someone once said to me. And there are times that my fingers truly fly across the keys and other times that they are way more sluggish and that’s always when I’ve gone from heart space thinking to being inside my head.

Sometimes I falter because something sounds a just a little too whacky and out there; and sometimes because I question what I’m writing and how it might help someone or anyone. And as soon as I do that I disconnect and I’m no longer in the ‘flow zone’; that space of creativity and innovation.

So when I saw a post from Word Porn on Face Book it truly spoke to me… Meraki (noun) the soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

There are many people I’ve met in my lifetime who I know put ‘meraki’ into everything they do and sadly those who say they do but you can see that they haven’t fully given of themselves because that magic ingredient ‘the essence of them’ is missing.

And that’s what’s different about the businesses that start with ‘why’ and not the ‘how’ and the ‘what’.

The businesses that rip the rule and convention books and work with ‘meraki’. The leaders in the business work with and from meraki which facilitates an environment where every one can work from this place and with meraki too. These are the businesses that are thriving in the 21st Century. These are the businesses that are leading the sea change and revolution in business as they realise that business has to be done differently.

And that’s how I work and encourage the businesses I work with to do too. Yes, of course the business of the business must be treated appropriately but the ways its done is evolving. My take on the tried and tested methods is done with meraki. So my commitment to you and too all those I serve is I will put meraki into everything I do, the essence of me. For then I can truly be of service.

So are you using meraki? Is the essence of you in everything you do? What’s your authentic voice?

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