What’s your offer? Are you crystal clear…

I’m lucky to live in one of the most vibrant and fast growing cities in the UK – Milton Keynes which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year and also writing its bid for the European City of Culture in 2023. A tall order for any city, perhaps even more so for MK and so we’ve been challenged to define our offer. The question was simple the answer not so much and that got me thinking that question stands for all of us… what is our offer?

If we’re in manufacturing then maybe that’s easier than someone in the service sector but it still needs to be defined. The trouble is we often shy away from getting our offer nailed because it puts us in a clearly labelled box – or is that just me and many of my clients?

So what is our offer and how do we express it?

  • Is it what’s boiled down to the 40 second elevator pitch?
  • Is it something that’s clear enough for our advocates to shout about for us?
  • Do we really love our offer, know it inside out, do we own it? Or is it something we wrote down because we were told we needed one? If that’s the case we’re unlikely to own it and so why should others buy into it?
  • Honing what we tell people is only part the picture, what is there to back it up? Do we have a virtual box that someone can buy or is it bits pulled together that aren’t consistent in clarity and quality? Of course we need to be flexible with the offering but we still need, as a starting point, to have something that’s more or less off the shelf.
  • And does everyone else in the business understand, know and own the offer? Have you asked them?
In my experience ‘the offer’ is rarely crystal clear in people’s head and so rarely articulated with clarity and confidence… is yours?