Where do Your Lessons Come From?

I’m really lucky that my clients lend me their teams to work with and our conversations are far reaching where the subject matter depends on what’s going on for them at the time. And then what seems to be an innocent or ‘off the cuff’ comment suddenly sparks something, it opens up a whole new perspective and we follow the thread wherever it takes us. And that may even be the ‘hand on the door comment; as we’re about to end a session and it’s actually the most important part of the whole conversation. Sometimes it’s the thing they really wanted to talk about but hadn’t voiced and sometimes its something that’s just come to mind in that moment – although you and I might ask what’s the difference?

And whilst the people tell me they have some great takeaways, and I’ve seen from their physiology that they have had some insights I’m always learning from them too.

Learning how to communicate, learning how to listen and understand, learning how to read different signs and signals but most importantly learning from what they tell me and their wisdom and take on things.

Each of these conversations unlocks something or some things for each of us.
So where do your lessons come from?

  • Who are your best teachers?
  • What can conversations with the people you work with and lead teach you? What can you recall from recent ones?
  • How have they inspired you? What other alternatives and possibilities have they opened up by sharing with you their thoughts and feelings?
  • And perhaps most importantly what have you learnt about you?
  • And don’t forget to share your learnings and give the other person recognition too. Not just to show gratitude but also so they know its not a one way street.
Now just off to drop a couple of thank you emails…