Who Inspires You? And when did you last tell them?

I don’t know about you but most of my life I’ve been lucky enough to work with and know inspiring people. The coaches, trainers and mentors I’ve worked with are not by accident – they have and do inspire me and so it was a natural choice to work with them …

who inspires you to get into flow and maximise your creativity?

who inspires you to get into flow and maximise your creativity?


And even when working with those people there have been people within their own tribes who have inspired me in what they do, say and sometimes write.

And when I say inspire, it doesn’t necessary mean that they are inspiring me to do or say anything in particular although by being themselves they probably are reminding me to be me. I guess for me there’s a subtle and distinct difference between inspiring and inspirational.

Some of the people who have inspired me I’ve mentioned in my blogs as there was something pertinent to that particular subject that I thought you’d also find interesting and insightful. Then there others in my life who have been inspiring but at the time I hadn’t thought about it in that way and sometimes it’s only when they are no longer here that you realise the impact they had.

For example nowadays it’s not uncommon for someone to start a completely different career in their 40s or 50s or to job share. And yet when my mother decided to return to work in the late 60s job sharing wasn’t something that anyone had every heard of but she and her twin sister secured jobs in a clearing house for the then Midland Bank working either 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off or 1 week on and 1 week off. And of course child care wasn’t an issue since when one was working the other was at home.

And in the mid 80s when mum was in her early 50s the family moved to Somerset and bought a Post Office and she became the Post Mistress and learned the role and after they sold the business she worked in various offices learning new processes, computerised systems and so on. She worked through cancer and mini strokes only retiring just before her 70th birthday. One of her regrets was that she was a child of the 30s and not a child of the 80s as she felt life would have been different. But I reckon to be a pioneer in job sharing and then taking on a whole new career in later life is pretty inspiring.

Yesterday one of my friends sent a preview of the audio she’d recorded for her site. Listening to that was inspiring. Not just what she was talking about but also the way she spoke – directly from the heart – about being of service not just to her actual and potential clients but to their actual and potential clients too.

And this afternoon a client was talking to me about his work and the passion in what he does and for what he does was almost palpable and then he spoke about his real dreams and the whole thing lifted several notches higher. It made me smile just to listen to him and feel his passion for the work that he is clearly born to do. I’m sure you’ve experienced that with someone too. And so my role for the day changed – it wasn’t about helping him to network better and have a more commercial head on but about following his passion and truly doing his thing and when he’s doing that all the other things for the business will be easier. And there are ways, of course, of making them even easier with outsourcing and so on – imperative for a solo entrepreneur.

Yes, we came up with some strategies that would help fund kicking off working on and with his real passion but mostly it was just listening to him talk about his passion; all it took was one simple question, the key was turned and he was in flow.

And what was great was that not only was he clearly energised but as so often happens it energised me too; I’m sure you, like me, have experienced that before too and know how great that feeling is.

So thinking of all the people in your life, all aspects of your life, past and present who inspires you? What gifts or insights have they given you or shared with you and when did you last thank them for being inspiring?

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