It’s All About You …

  • … by using the powerful unlocking conversations™ clarity will be gained and you’ll know the actions to take.

Today more than ever business leaders and owners are facing challenges that mean, in the short term at least, little or no growth when using the ways they have always worked often with extreme pressure to make changes to maintain the status quo or nominal growth and for others to stay alive as a business.

The so called “zombie businesses” which have little or no working captiol and little or no access to funds and are flat lining becoming more prevalent across sectors and business size. And those that are achieving any sort of growth have had to make hard decisions and to change how they work.

You are pressured by customers and suppliers alike and continuously seek ways to squeeze costs and measure profit in smaller and smaller increments for almost every product line or service sold.

How businesses have worked in the past isn’t how they will work in the future or even tomorrow to ensure sustainable growth and profit and resilience in the business and the people. So how you and the the people in your business have worked will, in all likelihood, change.

You may have found that at the moment the best way work is to concentrate on maintaing that status quo since it is at least delivering some results but even that is hard work for everyone including you.

Even to do that means more micromanagement so you have greater control resulting in less time to think about strategy and the future whether medium or long term.

Squeezing costs and monitoring every penny of profits doesn’t allow you any time or space for new business ideas. Hence, the potential ideas that you have for the business or your life remain that potential; unleashed and untapped potential.

Regain Clarity and Purpose

Many of the business people I speak to have lost clarity, their spark and  their connection with why they set the business up in the first place or took a specific role. Their passion has been throttled and their mojo waned.

Have you plethora of ideas but not sure if the people in the business can really support you with them? Are the possibilities becoming overwhelming to the point they are clouding clarity and paralysing thinking and planning yet alone taking significant action?

Are your people spending too much time on the urgent things and not the important things? Spending time on what might happen and not on what’s happening now and taking full control?

Action or reaction? Which are you doing more of? Have you spent so much time in reactive mode that you now think of that as action mode?

Have you noticed that more and more time is being taken up in discussions with the SMT and at Board meetings on the preventive reaction and not the growth and sustainability actions? And even less time on the creative and innovative activities?

So what difference can working with the Business Locksmith make? Its about working with you to get clarity of where you and the business is now and the gap between now and the vision and goals for the business. Revisiting the vision, values, goals and mission and re-engaging  you and the business with them.

Getting clarity on the strategy and actions needed with support during those phases. Someone who challenges, acts as a sounding board, confidante, mentor and coach. An external independent who isn’t too close to the business or the people.

The methods are proven and the powerful unlocking conversations™ will help you to gain clarity identify and unlock further potential in the business and the people, with prioritised strategies and actions which will enable you to achieve sustainable growth and profit and resilience.

You have a choice carry one as you are or find clarity, sustainability and resilience.

To talk about how we can work together please contact me on 07770 752535 or by email.